Pio Bagel was founded in 2014 by the Espinoza Family. Javier, Carlos, Patricio and Narcisa. The siblings always had an interest in Bagels ever since they arrived in the 1990’s. Their first few jobs were bagel related. As time went by they decided to open a Spanish American food chain. What is now known as Tio Pio.

The Espinoza Family had a vision on opening their own bagel store as well. They found a location in Lawrence and notice that the neighborhood was growing. Pio bagel would do perfect here. With no hesitation they decided to start working right away. They made sure the place felt like home. The store finally opened on July 17, 2014.

Did you know?

February 9 is national bagel Day.
Bagels from Brooklyn are the best because of the water in Brooklyn.
Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before baked.